My book in Korean!

See more pics here...

The book has also been translated to Chinese and will be released to buy in America and Italy very soon! Yay!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin 


Giuliana said...

Dear Fifi,
I love you and your look, can I find your book in italian??

pikakitty said...

since i can read and speak in Korean,i am able to understand what it said in the book (based on the pictures above) heheehehe
Fifi Lapin is so popular,glad to see there is a Korean version of your bookstyle


it is fantastic!!!!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

it looks amazing, congrats :)

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Girl Chic said...

lovelyyyy :=


rolala said...

Look at you all going international Fifi! Congrats!

Ginger B said...

fifi lapin,
you are the best dresser ever!
love you!

Sprinkle me Fancy!

shepherdess said...

Dear Fifi,

Your book in chinese version is already on our bookstore. I've read your book and I love it very much!

FIFI LAPIN said...

thanks guys
bunny kisses

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Love the book! I am still saving up for your art work!!!

Ophelia said...

How exciting!


Yen'Ney said...

wow, congrats, fifi! :)
xo kibear ♥

Goguma said...

Oh this is exciting cause I'm Korean!


magicmayeye.blog.me said...

I saw your book! I like design, drawing, and fashion. Your book is so interesting. I'm just a..high school student so I don't have any time to try a good fashion now(most of the students in Korea study until 10 p.m. in school)but next winter, I'll be able to follow all of your advices in the book. I can't wait :-)