Today I'm wearing...

Today I'm wearing Bora Aksu winter 2012
it was a lovely collection, you should hop over here and check it out!

I'm also heaving a huge bag of packages over to the post office. Thank you for all your recent orders. I'm so pleased you like my little offerings. I do wonder what the post mistress makes of my outfits though. This one's a bit showy for an ordinary day but it's so delightful outside I thought I would wear something to match!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin 

p.s. There are still some of my classic Fifi shoppers left in stock if you missed them.


Buse | OH HAPPY STUDIO said...

oh how cute you are :)

Tara said...

I love how this look is, at its heart, uber feminine and dainty but - due to the deep, dark lipstick and Gothic headcap - also very bold and edgy.

Best Wishes,


Womens Fashion said...

Oh wow, this dress is looking awesome on you and it has inspired me a lot. Thanks for the post..:)

Anonymous said...

i want this!

zafar said...

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