well today I'm feeling a little funky and so am wearing total 70's, shaft inspired (may he r.i.p.) outfit, complete with leather 'blues player' cap. I keep returning to my mothers cowboy boots, she's got her beady eye on nicking them back I think but I just remind her of the mutton dressed as lamb line!

Thanks for all your requests recently for more shop updates, I know it seems I have been a bit lazy on that front but i promise something really exciting coming very soon (I hope soon anyway!) and once the surprise has been revealed I will be able to come out of the darkness of the rabbit hole and spend more time having fun!

I have been seriously addicted to flickr recently, I'm sure you all know the site well. I'm just astonished at the quality of some of the work on there and have been having lots of fun playing flickr faves - collecting cool images from around the world, heres some of my favorite bunny inspired shots...

clockwise from top left

Cami and Dunston by Grandylion
right in my mirage by Lenaah
don't drive drunk by RougeRouge
L'Empire des lumières (down the rabbit hole) by TommyOshima

If you like photography I recommended you check these guys out, and if you know of any other talented bunny photographers please let me know!


Catherine said...

I'm a flickr junkie as well and you're one of my favorites!

check mine out... http://www.flickr.com/photos/lesretrouvailles

halz-haz-a-say said...

i am addicted to collecting favorites on flickr! in your quad of pics (top right) you have one of my favorites by leenah. she's awesome.

here are some of my favorites:

Karen said...

Those bunnies are adorable! Wish I spoke Korean.

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