First there was Australian vogue (what good taste the people of Australia have!) click on the image for a closer look...

Then there was Vogue Girl Korea (what good taste the people of Korea have!) just check out the loveliness of it! a whole double page spread devoted to my picks of next seasons collections and who might suit them. Again click on the pics for a closer look...

and for anyone out there who can't understand Korean (me included!) here's a translation of the interview and a bit further down a closer look at each of the outfits....

Q. I read your self introduction which you wrote on the homepage. It was very interesting but I couldn’t understand partly. So, would you explain what it means? And for readers unfamiliar with your work, would you mind describing what you do a bit?

A. The info on my homepage is Fifi's own story. It explains that Fifi is an only child (very unusual for a rabbit) and thats why she is incredibly spoilt by her wealthy parents who buy her everything and anything her heart desires, usually that means designer outfits which means she has probably the best wardrobe on the entire planet!

Q. Do you remember the first picture you ever drew? Do you still have it?

A. I have always loved drawing and was so tiny when I started drawing that it wouldn't be possible to remember the first. I still have the first picture I drew of Fifi Lapin, she's wearing a lovely red duffel coat with big buttons, when i saw her looking so cute i just wanted to draw her more so picked up my latest copy of Vogue and the rest is history!

Q. When did you start drawing rabbit illustrations?

A. I have drawn rabbits since I could pick up a pencil but Fifi came to me only last year, the style was very similar to those I had drawn in the past but her fashion sense was a whole new thing.

Q. Which piece of your work is your favorite?

A. That’s a really difficult question! There are so many lovely outfits that it would be impossible to choose. I do have an ever expanding collection of Fifi drawings of my own as some I find impossible to let go! ones such as the yellow Temperley dress (spring summer 07) that was my profile picture on my blog for ages. I’ve only just changed it.

Q. You’ve recently made an ‘I love Luella week’. Are you planning to make an another designer’s week? (Then, who will that be?)

A. Yes, that was so much fun. Luella is one of my favorite all time designers (mind you I say that about everyone!) Her clothes are just so effortlessly cool and I love her styling too. The geek glasses were inspired last season. I just reached the end of Proenza Schouler week and am definitely planning more themed weeks. I have a great time choosing which outfits Fifi is going to wear next.

Q. Where do you find inspiration? Who & what inspires you?

A. My main inspiration has to be the amazing designers whose creations Fifi wears, but I also love the work of illustrators Rob Ryan and Julie Verhoeven. They both create new worlds for us to inhabit, its the little details that interest me most.

Q. What is your favorite fairy tale, and why?

A. East of the sun and west of the moon is such an incredible story, really magical and I love the illustrations that Kay Nielsen did for them especially the ones of the princess and the bear together.

Q. Who are your heroes?

A. Fifi would probably say Coco Chanel or Christian Dior...

Q. from ‘Fifi Lapin’ illustration, what do you love to draw?

A. well I don’t like to give to much away because I like Fifi to have all the limelight but suffice to say I do spend my life drawing. Its my whole life, I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my right hand, perhaps I should get it insured?

Q. Do you enjoy doing most in your spare time?

A. Well Fifi would say shopping, shopping and more shopping with a spot of socializing on the side. I guess I would have to agree with her but my life balance is a lot healthier. I love to spend time with my friends to whom I am very close, just hanging out, a glass of wine, being outdoors, listening to music. I guess I’m just an ordinary girl

Q. You are living and working in London. Do you think that London is the great place for artist? Then, would you tell us the reason why you like London? And does London influence your illustrations?

A. London is a fantastic place for an artist. A lot of people in London work in the creative industries so its not hard to find something interesting. There is inspiration everywhere you look from street style to the amazing galleries and museums. The London catwalks have to be the most experimental in the world and the music and publishing industries are also huge. Its so full of creativity that literally everyone you meet is developing ideas or pushing boundaries. It carries you along in its enthusiasm for the search for something new.

Q. your big fan, I really hope to see your exhibition or book. Do you have any plans to hold an exhibition or publish a book?

A. I would be very interested in having an exhibition or releasing a book but I think I need to produce more work before I am ready, saying that if there is anyone out there who’d like to offer me such a thing that would be great!

Q. You have any plans or dreams to extend your work to different fields such as fashion design or film? I think it will be great if Fifi would be made as a moving pictures.

A. I have had discussions with a label that I have collaborated with to produce a short Fifi Lapin film but we will just have to see. I have so many creative ideas but putting them into practice isn’t always so easy. I hope that in the future Fifi Lapin would be able to design and even produce her own collections. She is a very stylish bunny and I think there would definitely be a market for her ideas.

Q. When I see your adorable illustrations, sometimes I imagine your desk and workspace. Would you mind to describe your work space?

A. My workspace is sometimes incredibly tidy which I prefer as it helps me to think clearly but by the end of the day it descends into chaos, with mess everywhere! I have a studio in my house with big windows letting in loads of light which keeps me sane. I always draw sitting on the floor. I find sitting at a desk really restrictive. I have a huge collection of pens and pencils which I usually have on a tray beside me so I find just the right colour very quickly. I love that the tools I use for Fifi are very simple and yet give people so much joy.

Q. I think I can guess your fashion style through your illustrations. How would you describe your personal style? What are three of your essential fashion items?

A. My fashion style is very similar to fifi’s though I think I am a lot less confident, she likes to wear things that surprise and sometimes shock a little, I tend to stick to simple shapes and add interest with accessories, I love bangles especially vintage ones and have an ever growing collection. I think a colourful pair of shoes or belt can make all the difference and I seem to have a huge amount of coats and jackets. I hate that you spend ages deciding what to wear and then you put on your coat and it spoils the whole look.

Q. What’s your dream?

A. That Fifi lapin will be the huge celebrity that she deserves to be and that I can relocate my studio to a lovely country mansion with horses outside my window

Q. Do you believe in luck?

A. oh yes, luck and a lot of hard work!

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...and here's a closer look at the outfits with my tips!

Betsey Johnson - OK I admit, this one isn't exactly practical but I couldn't resist - its so cute! the beret style hat features yet again, it has to be the first thing you pick up this season. I recommend this look to girls with shorter legs, the mini length and heightened waist line will give the illusion of length

Blumarine - I like to imagine myself hidden away in a sprawling English country mansion wearing this outfit, perhaps I'm in the library dreaming about some romantic liaison. I would recommend this outfit to girls with less on top, thick woolly cardigans are best left to flat chested girls.

Celine - This winter for me is all about looking stylish and staying warm, check this look out, I'm all covered up and yet I look seriously sophisticated. A cropped leather jacket over an evening dress is the easiest way to ooze style. I recommend this for all girls who want to impress.

DKNY - a red coat is my winter essential, it brightens everyone's day and makes you look ultra confident. The floppy beanie hat is also a big hit with me. I recommend this outfit to everyone, get some opaque tights and get those legs out!

Marc by Marc Jacobs - cool lesson no. 1, wear Marc by Marc Jacobs. lesson over. my perfect outfit, the slogan t-shirt, the graphic printed skirt, the adorable green shoes. I would recommend this outfit to girls who want to make friends and influence people.

Philosophy by Albertta Ferretti - This little lacy number could look a little tarty if you accessorized it badly, the stripey tights and lace up boots mismatch perfectly. I would recommend this outfit for girls with more of a pear shape, the full skirt hides those thighs and the downward striped tights are great for elongating those lovely legs.

Eley Kishimoto - the usual winter muted tones are mixed here with a zingy turquoise highlighted with hints of red and yellow for extra pop, its a great recipe for a fun winter wardrobe. I wouldn't recommend this outfit to apple shapes (more in the middle) I'm not sure it does me any justice to be honest!

Sonia Rykiel - knitwear is going to be big next season and this colourful jumper dress is bang on trend. I love the light colours with the black opaque tights and the hat just finished it off nicely. I would recommend this outfit to everyone, its easy and stylish and the knit is not to thick as to bulk you out.

- I just love the mix and match element of this outfit, it just shows you can go a little crazy and yet still look tre cool. I would recommend this look for girls who like to show they have real personality.

Zac Posen - accessories accessories, I just love them and these pom pom head pieces are a perfect accompaniment to my long silky ears. I really liked the way Zac bought sequins bang up to date with this minnie mouse ensemble. I would recommend this outfit to the long leggy type its not exactly body conscious so you've gotta have length to carry it off.

bunnys kisses
Fifi Lapin