dreaming of haute couture

"it's our job to make people dream"
John Galliano

...and I'm certainly dreaming. Daddy can afford the odd spot of couture for me but not the whole collection! I want to be transformed my fair lady style and taken to the races. That reminds me I wonder if Ruby has remembered to include this classic on her fave movies list? I must remind her.

see the whole Christian Dior couture collection here

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. for any email subscribers who haven't visited the site for a while, come and have a look. I've had a little spruce up!


me melodia said...


Dana said...

Hello little bunny, there's an award for you in my blog :)

Down Comforter said...

What an outrageous, beautiful dress - makes me want to play dress-up :)

katiecrackernuts said...

Goodness Fifi. It might be time to splurge. I am sure you can convincen Daddy that it's an investment - and you know the carrot and lettuce stocks are pretty stable at the moment, so he should be good for it.

Newborn Hippy. said...

Mischa Barton went the the dior show, did you see her ?

Luna Supernova said...

fifi, you make me dream.

how did you become so famous? was there ever a space in your life when you were an ordinary little bunny or have you always been this fabulous?

Gina said...

amazing! ...girly sculpture

Anonymous said...

heart galliano

Michael Oats said...

Hi! I posted a new photoshoot today!

Photographed by Michael Oats


I hope u like it

Vivienne said...

I just looked at the whole collection, it starts out so crisp and then ends so confectionary and rich..mmmmmm no one does couture like Galliano!

ed said...


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