Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I'm really really happy to introduce you to my closest friend, Ruby, Ruby Gatta (which I don't need to tell you clever lot is cat in Italian) yes a rabbit and a cat being best friends is pretty unusual but I am pretty unusual so you shouldn't be surprised really!

We grew up together and have been the best of friends since I can remember. Our mums and grandmothers were best friends before us so really we're just carrying on a good old family tradition. Ruby is descended from very old Italian roots so along with being able to make the best pasta sauce you've ever tasted she also has the stylish gene - just like me! Unlike me she's not such a label hoar and is definitely less of a show off! That's why it's taken me so long to drag her on here and there's no going back now. She's hooked on my site and has now started her own all about design, art, interiors and other lovely things...

by the way, did you notice? Ruby and I have got our paws on some spring summer Chloe... I am so excited, even though it's still only January I feel as if spring is just around the corner just waiting for us to come and play!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin (and Ruby Gatta!)