hop like an egyptian

Hello everyone, Yes I'm back. Hope you've all had a lovely couple of weeks, I certainly did...
and now I can share with you where I have been on my travels!

First stop Egypt, I met up with my folks and we did the whole tourist thing including visiting these amazing pyramids in Giza near Cairo. To say they are huge is an understatement, each brick being almost as tall as me (minus ears!) That little speck you can see in the background is a camel of which I became all to familiar. My camel was called Olabisi which ironically means 'brings joy' because I found this to be far from the truth - I've still got a sore behind from the day trip my parents insisted we do across the desert. I swear my bobtail is not as springy as it used to be!

In the picture (click on it for a closer look) I'm wearing Philip Lim, the harem trousers were a godsend, keeping the sun off whilst helping me fit in with the locals =;x)

more snaps coming soon!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

my outfit on the catwalk


Ty Ty said...

ur back, fifi! looks like you had fun :)
i love your outfit, I would so wear that to the desert ;)

bunny love


ShyShoegazer said...

Welcome back FiFi! You have been missed! Can't wait to see your snaps :)


MeetMyCloset said...

I am so jealous! I have always wanted to go to Egypt. You look great!

Miss Fluff said...

Lovely outfit Fifi! Perfect, for your Egyptian holiday.

RhiannonM said...

That is a super cute outfit, I am so glad you went to Egypt and got to see all those things, I hope your rear recovers soon!

Jin said...

j'adore ta photo souvenir des Pyramides...

♥ Cinchie said...

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Style Redux 2 said...

Fifi-So glad you're back. Love the Philip Lim. I want to see you in the Louis Vuitton/Marc Jacobs bunny ears-please!

Stephanie Kim said...

wonderful illustration! theyre absolute treasures!

beckyxoxo said...

wow great outfit fifi . i always jealous of what you wear ! and egypt is wow ! great :D

keetee said...

Welcome back!!!
Lonely without you but great that yo have FUN!!!
Love to be there one day too!!

Gabbi said...

Glad to see you're back dear Fifi, gorgeous holiday snapshot!♥

{lorelailette♚} said...

Welcome back!!
Im sure that egypt was quite an experience? Defintely a place I'd love to visit...the mystery, the heat, the history.... wow


Nicci said...

yay youre back! great outfit

Cypriotchick said...

Wow egypt! pyramids! camels! what a shame about ur experience wasn't the most memorable!

Yay your back and as stylish as ever!

You've been tagged! You must share 10 facts + tag 10 others!


Boracay beach resort said...

welcome back fifi glad to hear again from you..

joshylola said...

Welcome back Fifi, we´re waiting for your Fifi dolls :-D

property said...

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Dana said...

Hello Fifi!!!

I'm glad you had a great time eating loads and loads of carrots :)

I made a post about you :)

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