Lovely in lilac

Long live Luella!
I can't help feeling a little down wearing this dress. Despite the fact that the sun is shining it's heart out and I don't have to write a book today I can't shake off the slight feeling of despair that Luella is no more. Paws crossed she will get some new backers soon!

...and onto yet more sweetness. Check out these fantastic cakes inspired by little old me made by fan Alia Roslan and written about on her blog 'of my stilettos and spatula'. I have often thought of myself as being sweet as sugar and now here I am immortalized forever in fondant!

Luella - yummy

Prada - Mmmmm

Cynthia Rowley - chomp chomp

Kate Moss for Topshop - scrumptious

Valentino - scoff scoff

Moschino - munch munch

Oh and for anyone interested you can pre-order my book now on amazon. You won't be disappointed, as well as loads of fantastic style tips and advice it is packed full of delicious new drawings!

bunny kisses
Fifi lapin


freyal said...

Hi Fifi, I'm excited about your book! Is it going to be released in US soon? Thank you! Kisses back :*

Mary said...

I love the cakes (they look delish) and I'm really looking forward to buying your book! I hope that it gets released in Australia too :)

Eve said...


Lady Moriarty said...

I can't believe there is no more Luella !
That's horrible !
But you look lovely and yummy as a cake !

Miss Molly said...

these are just too beaut!! LOVE


gorgeoussss! I am drooling after your cakes!!


Miss Madeline said...

I want to cry when i think of luella...

SarahAnn said...

Those cakes are amazing! What an incredible treat to get from a reader!


Erandi said...

Hi fifi!

and for international costumers? i live in Mexico, can i preorder too?

kisses! :)

Pinkzombies said...

so beautiful!!

Queen L said...

♥ Fifi Lapin ♥
You are such an inspiration ♥
It's such sad thing there is no more Luella!
I ♥ those mini cakes
I have one concern though, I live in middle east so will the book be released internationally?

Queen L

Helen said...

those cakes are AMAZING! i would feel bad eating them though hehe

Elizabeth Faraday said...

wow those cakes look amazing! they are really good!
and yeah i might look into ordering you book!


Juliet said...

I just as sad as you are for the sad end of Luella. Though I do hope change will come soon to that matter.

juliet xxx

Emily said...





Mirela said...

Fifi, I missed you! So glad you came back!

Love the way you styled cake + magazines!


Katt said...

this is soo cute! and thats one of my fave issues of VOGUE!

Indy Grrrl said...

That dress is super hot. Love it!

Kelly said...

I love the Lilac dress!! And adorable cakes of you! :)

<3 Kelly


Maddie said...

The cakes look so cute! i adore the shade of violet u are wearing (the Luella dress)

MarieBayArea said...


Maria-Inés said...

love liliac
love luella

Mayte de la Iglesia said...

Guauh!! Delicious!!

Pixie Dust said...

I like your blog! :))
Come check out mine, I think you will like it (or so I hope? :)) Also, I'd like to invite you to check out my makeup and accessories giveaway - it ends in 5 days, so hurry up if you are interested in winning some nice goodies :))

I hope to hear from you soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Alice Saga said...

I am ordering it:) Looks Lovely!!

iamronel said...

awesomely indeed mah friend..:)

ronelmarin.net said...

wow, great to know about these

Anonymous said...

hello,my name is polin i'm french and i am definitly sure (one hundred %) you're the most wonderful rabbit ever !!
sorry if i make some mistake in my santance but 'im french and i am only 13 !!
love all what you do
love you
http://polinsblog.blogspot.com (that my blog and it's so ridiculous next to youre blog! wathever: go on my blog if you're boring today)

personal stylist said...

I have just discovered you Fifi and whilst I haven't quite figured you out yet i am intrigued and will be back for more.. looking forward to grabbing a copy of your book.

Celine said...

I wanna Fifi Lapin cake! ;]

Brigitte said...


Cassidy said...

i'm inspired to make a fifi lapin cake !

and i can't wait for your book to be released in the US . :D

much love <3


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Intrinsically Florrie said...

I love Luella so it makes me sad too. But you do look ever so lovely in that dress.
And there is also good Luella news, have you heard about her book?

You look wonderful in fondant- I especially love the Luella and the beautiful Valentino.

Florrie x

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