The new look!

Hello Lovelies!
So devoted Fifi fans will know that not too long ago I had a bit of a silly accident which resulted in me needing a little surgery on my nose - they told me that although they could fix my nose it would never look exactly the same (thank goodness it wasn't my famously long silky ears that were injured!) so I had a little word with the surgeon and slipped him a photo of a nose I've long admired... thanks Ruby - That's what I call a real best friend!

my new nose - be kind!

I'm not wearing any particular label here, think I got this skirt from a vintage stall at Portobello market and the tee was sent to me from one of my lovely fans!

So a really lovely thing happened today. I received a parcel in the post and inside was a little note that read...

It was from my editor, she definitely gets me!
The note was attached to a beautifully wrapped box and inside of the box were beautifully iced biscuits (cookies to those less British) in the shape of little handbags - swoon!


The company they're from is called biscuiteers - what a fantastic name for biscuit love spreaders!

I do feel spoilt - and slightly sick from eating 5 biscuits in a row. whoops.
Thank you Jocasta, can anyone imagine a nicer editor to have?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin