Went to meet Sonny in London town on Saturday for the lunchtime opening of a new sushi bar (I just love a bit of raw carrot) we had to leave little Stella at home and when we got back we discovered that she had destroyed my collection of last seasons Chanel sunglasses, you know the ones that only have the shade halfway. I had 15 identical pairs to go with each of my 15 Chanel 07 outfits. I was very upset but I had a tearful telephone conversation with daddy and he said he would replace them for me - am I spoilt?? I don't think so but Stella certainly is, so I'm considering some hired help - only the best for our Stella, step in Tamar Geller, I mean if she's good enough for Oprah!

This is what we wore for the opening. Yes, for the first time I tentatively mixed my labels! I was inspired by Sonny who gets slightly disgruntled when I force him into matching outfits. I'm looking quite glam in my Paul Smith Union Jack dress and here's where it gets interesting my purse is Chanel and my espadrilles are vintage, can you believe it!

Sonny is wearing his favourite vintage RayBan's, chequered vans and a hooded top that hes had for ages. he thinks its from Abercombie and Fitch but can't be certain - he cut the label out because it was itchy.

On Sunday we went to a party to celebrate the end of London fashion week. my shopping list for next season is getting so long that it nearly crashed my new mac - so many clothes so little time! We wore Paul Smith again, its the only label that I can rely on to convince Sonny that matching outfits are not going to make us look like Posh and Becks, anyway that will never happen, Posh just doesn't have my innate sense of style!

see you next time!

Fifi xx