ooh la la

this week I have been tre busy shopping in gay Pari! Oh the joy! I'm on a forties tip at the mo and have been enjoying myself digging through the mountains of clothes at the world famous fleamarkets. This beautiful embroidered coat was perfect to ward away the rain and when the sun came out I got all floaty in mint chiffon.

As I was in the capital of love I popped into my favorite boutique Colette and purchased a super cute helmet by Jérôme Coste for Les Ateliers Ruby for Sonny, he just got his first vintage Vespa and has been talking about nothing but (perhaps he will shut up and give me some attention now!) there are 9 limited edition designs to choose from but I just couldn't resist the polka dots! (I was nearly swayed by the chequered one seeing as it would have gone with his hundreds of pairs of chequered vans but the dots were just so chic don't you think?) perhaps he will model it for you soon, he's been a wee bit shy just recently

...unlike moi!