Today I am wearing a Temperley

I'm slightly annoyed with Sonny. He was finding my friend a little too amusing the other day, you know the sort of thing - laughing a little to hard whenever she made the slightest witty comment, YAWN! Did you hear that Kate has been making a wish list of boys since her split with Jamie Hince? I thought I might do the same and just accidentally leave it lying around my flat for a certain someone to peruse. Trouble is I just keep coming back to the fact that Sonny would be right there at the top! and that really got me thinking maybe its l....o.....v.....e... eeek!

to take my mind off such things I've been turning to the catwalk. My shopping list is getting longer and longer. This credit crunch better not hang around too long!

darling sailor style at D&G

beautiful jewel colours at Mulberry

glamour and gorgeous silhouettes at Giambattista Valli


bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin