So today I am glamming it up and snuggling down in Emilio Pucci -daaarling
(I feel like I have to say daaaarling after every sentence when I wear Pucci, I have no idea why)

so anyway as I said I'm wearing Pucci today - daaarling. I'm loving their autumn winter collection. Something about the geometric shapes and oversized jewels I guess...

...and the whole fashion drama that's going on in the ads...

...oh yeah, and it's also made me want to go skiing. Something I never thought I would do but I suppose anyone whose anyone is doing it these days... and it would finally be the perfect opportunity to use this rash purchase I made at the beginning of the year (the first sniffs of the credit crunch put me into a panic and I needed a shopping fix!)

mmm Chanel quilted leather ski's - how could I resist!?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin