I just discovered two new labels, the first is Y and Kei... I just love the fact that they launched the Y & Kei line to fulfill their Buddhist belief in "watering the earth" and "nourishing the world with beauty and happiness" they certainly nourish my world. I just love that first outfit, so simple with printed party dress and cute dinner jacket, it looks so effortlessly stylish.

...and the other label is Sessun (thanks Amelia for the tip) we don't really use the word 'preppy' over here in the UK but this, I imagine, is a good example of modern preppy (please correct me if I'm wrong) anyway I think its perfect for no brain dressing, just chuck it on muss up your fur (sorry in your case its hair) and you're good to go.

another thing that recently caught my eye are these beautiful whale pictures, one of which won its category in National Geographic's best wild animal photographs of the year, phew thats a mouthful.... enjoy!

see you soon
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin