Hey everyone,
so my computer is driving me crazy - well more specifically it's my internet connection. Grrr. the problem is there is none. simple as that and so I have to sit in the internet shop facing the high chance I will get a cold from all the sneezers I seem to be sitting with. wish me luck. I hate the sniffles. anyway that means that I can't show you as many of my new outfits as I would like because I simply don't have the means. and that makes me sad =:'x(

so I apologise for the lack of posts in the coming days, I'll still be checking on my shop orders every day and getting them out to he post office asap so no worries there...

I'll leave you with todays outfit
(if you could see me you wouldn't see it because sadly it's hidden under a giant coat... and you wouldn't see Stella either because she's sitting on my lap shivering it's so cold in here)
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin