mistaken identity

I've been hanging out with my pup Stella today, first we went for a very blustery walk in St James Park and down the mall to admire Buckingham Palace. I was wearing my latest from D&G and a couple of tourists got very over excited and asked to take my picture, I was shocked that they knew little old me and thought that maybe they were fans of my blog but it later transpired that they had mistaken me for someone else. can't think who!

So after lunch (and after Stella got over being mistaken for a corgi) I slipped into something a little less conspicuous (Lacoste) to meet Sonny and my friend Ruby for a spot of lunch - note the coloured tights, I took my own advice from yesterday! 

and to round off the day we met my parents for dinner - we both looked very sophisticated in Chanel don't you think? Stella was treated like an absolute star and was even aloud to sit at the table - I think they thought she was yet another celebrity!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin