Hello all, long time no see! well I hope you all had a truly scrumptious Christmas and New Year, mine was rather fun and festive we had all the family at my parents house in the country (I discovered cousins I didn't know existed!) we had a huge roast carrot from Mr Magregors organic orchard inc. Dad bought it at the Christmas fete after it won the largest vegetable growing competition and it was as tasty as it was massive! we had the usual family arguments, mum embarrassed me in front of Sonny by showing him the whole family album complete with nuddy pics of me as a kid (cue lots of rolling eyes) and Granny got drunk and embarrassed us in front of the neighbours who had popped in for an eggnog. pretty normal all in all.

For New Year I went ski-ing with my family and my best friend Ruby's family. Our families have been friends for generations so it was great fun, I'll see if I can get some pics for you to see soon... though they will definitely be filtered, there are far to many of me on my bum - legs in the air!

I'm really getting excited about the new Spring Summer collections and some has even started to seep into my wardrobe thanks to all the ordering I did at the shows last season but it's just too cold as yet to start wearing any so I've been consoling myself with a whole load of autumn winter Luella. I've decided to kick start my blogging with a week of Luella and if you'd like to join in here's a few sale items that might tempt you! ...my darling dress is even there!