hello everyone,
sorry I have been a bit absent these last few days, there has been a lot to take in. someone even spotted a Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac bag on a Japanese TV show 'boys over flowers' - how cool is that...

hello little lady, what's that you've got there?

Oh my you have such great taste! A Fifi Lapin for LeSportSac bag, how did you get your hands on one of those? I can't even get my sticky paws on one!

I'm hoping that I am going to be able to bring you even more Fifi products one day but one step at a time eh... So anyway onto more important things. fashion shows! yes the new Autumn Winter 09 collections are beginning to strut themselves down the catwalk with the help of those long legged amazonian beauties, gosh they are tall aren't they - I feel like a midget when I go backstage!

So I had a sneak peek at Jenni Kayne (held at her parents house - don't you just love nosying around other peoples houses!) all very elegant and wearable and it looks like the trend for nerd glasses is set to run and run...

It's valentines day on saturday and I am so excited, Sonny says he is planning a little surprise for me!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin