kindred print - new in the shop!

Exciting news, I created a special spring inspired artwork for the kindred project. A venture set up by the creators of super cool blogs decor8 and creature comforts who commissioned some of their favourite artists to create desktop wallpapers for you to enjoy at no charge — a way of saying thanks to all of our daily readers and friends... and now I am releasing the piece as a print so you can enjoy it on your wall as well as your computer.

buy the print here
download the desktop wallpaper here

and here's the little interview I did for them...

You were given Pantone's color predictions for Spring to draw inspiration from. What colors did you end up selecting and why?
"I chose salmon rose, rose dust, slate grey and vibrant green, I wanted to keep the colour scheme simple to create a coherent collection."

What does Springtime mean to you?
"Hope... that soon I will be running bare paw through lush green fields feeling the sun on my fur. I love summer and so spring is a sign it's on it's way."

How did you try to translate that into your work?
"As a fashionista most of my day is taken up by deciding what I might wear and so I just imagined 10 days worth of my ideal spring outfits. I snuck in a little cloud because here in Britain we appreciate the rain - we have too! and without the rain we wouldn't have the lush green countryside that epitomises Britain in spring."


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