a week in the life of...

Well today I am doing a little modeling for Little Thing Magazine and that has reminded me that I didn't show you guys the last shoot.
It was 'a week in the life of' so I gave them a week of diary entries and modeled what I had worn that week in the studio. It just so happened that I had chosen all the colors of spring as I was determined to combat all the gloom and doom that's been going around. We used coordinating backgrounds to create a whole rainbow of loveliness...

First up was this vibrant green coat perfect for those transition days when you can't figure out what the weathers doing.

I'm having a slow day today, you know the sort of thing, lounging around in my pyjamas (Chanel of course) with my puppy Stella, eating crumpets, drinking hot tea and watching Breakfast at Tiffanys for the umpteenth time, I never tire of Audreys sweet face. Later I'm meeting my mum to have a pedicure, my paws are killing me from our ski-ing trip in St Moritz last week, I must find a more comfy pair of ski boots, the trouble is mine are just so stylish I have to put up with the pain. While I'm on the subject it's so hard to pull off the Russian princess look when your faced with puffa jackets and padded trousers I tend to follow Kate Moss's example and go for a Prada fur-trimmed jumpsuit - though mine is specially made with fake fur naturally. Hanging on the wardrobe is my new Ossie Clark grass green coat. Luckily for my mother I really want to wear it and so it's probably the only reason I'm actually going to be able to get dressed today!

Next I wore this little D&G number that I am planning on wearing on my summer hols. I might loose the fishnets though. They might give me a very strange tan!

I've been visiting the showrooms today, picking out some extra bits and bobs to add to my growing summer wardrobe. I'm so excited about summer and finally getting to wear all the amazing clothes from the spring summer 09 collections. I have been drooling over them for long enough. As well as a very cute D&G ensemble I chose a gorgeous Chloe 'saskia' bag with vibrant green handles few pairs of great sunglasses, now I just need the sun to come out to wear them. Unlike some celebrities I'm not very good at wearing them in the evening. I just keep tripping over!

Next up was Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Today I introduced my best friend Ruby Gatta on my blog. She's a cute cat and descended from a generations old italian family which means she makes the best pasta sauce you've ever tasted and has the stylish gene - just like me! Here's a picture of us together wearing more Chloe - It's a joint obsession we have. We grew up together as our mums were best friends too and I've always been able to depend on her, she is just the best and will always tell me if my bum looks big in something. Only true friends can be that truthful. We're going out for lunch today and I've taken the whole morning to work out what to wear. There are clothes, shoes and bags everywhere. My apartment looks like it's been burgled! I have finally settled on a gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and cutely styled denim jacket, I fell in love with this whole collection, it's so young and fresh.

Here I am wearing Mulberry. I really adore the combination of blackcurrant and mustard.

lunch with Ruby was lovely, I wore Mulberry and we went to Selfridges. I had carrot and cucumber sandwiches and herbal lettuce tea and Ruby had tuna fish sandwiches and a glass of milk. Luckily the maitre d' knows us quite well because what we wanted wasn't actually on the menu but Daddy practically owns our usual table, he's in there so much, so they made an exception. Afterwards we did what we do best - shopping! Ruby bought a gorgeous aqua Fendi belt with the birthday money I had given her and I bought myself the most gorgeous dark purple suede Christian Louboutin shoes with the trademark red soles. What a gorgeous colour combination.

Of Course no lineup of my favorites would be complete without Luella and this collection was definitely the most cheerful of the season.

I am having a serious rainbow moment today I wore a lovely Luella ensemble, all in shades of shocking orange and pink. Luella has to be one of my all time favorite designers, I had such a great time at her last show, walking down the serpentine in the sun with the rest of the fashion pack all in skyscraper heels to be met by Luella girls handing out pink balloons and pink meringue pigs she makes everything so much fun!

With it's huge bouncy skirt this Lemon Giambattista Valli dress is perfect for dancing in so I ended up spinning around the studio sending Stella chasing at my heels barking and yelping - I very nearly knocked over the refreshments table!

Friday Continued
This evening I've donned an amazing yellow Giambattista Valli dress to meet Sonny (my boy) we're going jiving. It's all the rage in London at the moment and so much fun. Though I have to watch how much champagne I drink because it doesn't mix too well with the being thrown around the dancefloor... wish me luck!

Hope you enjoyed the shoot as much as I did

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin