decisions, decisions!

Thanks for all your amazing entries to my little competition. We had a lot of hard work ahead of us going through them all and after a good couple of hours (fifteen cups of tea and three carrot cakes) looking through the 768 entries Ruby, Stella and I have finally narrowed it down to...


'naturegraffiti' said...
*I can lick my elbow, even though it's supposed to be impossible.
* I am a direct descendant of Paul Revere
*My eyes are two different colours: one blue, one green

'Rawr' said...
*None of my dreams are in a language I recognize.
*I am a research assistant by day, but an aerial acrobat by night!
*I am double-jointed in every single joint (knee-caps included!)

'Elisabeth Ruth' said...
*I secretly tie ribbons in trees when no one is looking
*On Sundays i get up early to drink tea and watch old movies before the world awakes
*There's a postcard in my satchel asking my boyfriend to marry me, but i daren't post it

so now we need your help...


vote for your favorite in the comments section at the bottom of this post. The entrant with the most votes will be announced overall winner at the end of this week!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. commiserations to those that didn't get through but I am so pleased to get to know you all a bit better!