On the 11th day of Christmas...

I wore Burberry Prorsum!

I'm paying my respects to the new British designer of the year by wearing Christopher Bailey for Burberry today and I thought the bag would come in handy for today's task. In our house it's the tradition to decorate on the 12th day of Christmas which is tomorrow, hurrah! so I am off to fill my giant bag with lots of decorations for the tree to add to my ever expanding collection. I just hope it will stand up to them this year. Last year it got rather weighed down and ended up crashing to the floor straight onto Aunt Ida's precious Louis Vuitton. "It's vintage darling" she shrieked, "utterly irreplaceable!" whoopsy daisy!

for anyone who might be interested the meeting with my new editor went fantastically, we refrained from the champagne as it was still early (though it was very tempting) and went for huge slabs of chocolate cake... I did manage to chat about the book a little in between mouthfuls - honest!

bunny kisses
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