On the 13th of Christmas....

I wore Marc Jacobs!

I visited the Marc Jacobs store yesterday and I just fell in love with this festive outfit, it matches perfectly with my new Christmas decs. I spent all of yesterday decorating and now the house looks like a yuletide bomb has exploded inside. There is sparkle and glitz everywhere you look and I keep banging my head on the giant ball of mistletoe hanging in the hallway!

I got some lush new baubles from Liberty that represent 3 of my 4 favorite cities - which obviously just happen to be the fashion capitals of the world. I am just missing Milan so I am in the process of composing a letter to the nice people at Bombki to request they make up a new set of their sweet city decorations featuring maybe the Duomo and a swish red Ferrari. Paws crossed that next year my tree will be complete...

I also just had to try on some slightly more summery choices because I am still pursuing my winter getaway and I intend to search out that illusive sun. Now which to choose - or maybe all three? so many outfits so little time.

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin