On the 15th day of Christmas...

I wore Chanel!

I've got to get everything wrapped up for Christmas before I leave for hotter climbs on Friday and even though I have the family sorted I still have pressies to get for Ruby, Sonny and of course not forgetting darling little Stella. Today I've been cosying up on the sofa in Chanel knits with my trusty mac and a never ending mug of cocoa choosing some bits and bobs from my fave craft site etsy. I decided that although I am a shopping freak I still want to do my bit for the planet so I took the handmade pledge this year. I decided to shop for Ruby first because she has such similar taste to me all I had to do was imagine I was buying for myself and voila! Maybe my shopping spree will inspire you with your gift choices this year.

let me know if you liked them!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin