Stockings and Slouch

Went to visit some friends at the weekend in Paris. We visited some fabulous antique markets and I came home with rather more than I intended - A 10 foot painting of the Matterhorn and a collection of antique pickled onion forks, I don't even eat pickled onions! They were just so pretty, I couldn't resist.

I received the proofs of my book cover last week, it was so exciting to see myself in official print and I was pleasantly surprised that the title is foiled. Don't you just love that font? It's just a little bit "Elvis the Vegas years" ...and here's the back. Please do excuse the quality of the shots, I just did them quickly on my iphone. (By the way, if you're as excited as moi, you can pre-order my new book here)

Don't forget to enter MY COMPETITION! - You never know I could be wearing your design on these pages. Don't forget to pass it on if you know an amazing creative who you think deserves some exposure.

...and for any budding photographers out there have you seen Vogue's amazing photo comp? I'd be tempted to enter myself if I had more time. Being a furry fashionista keeps me to busy for anything else!

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