Hot Topic

I started off attempting to wear this wintery ensemble this morning as my Topshop freebies are just too enticing. Come on, who could resist this gorgeous cardi? However, it was ditched pretty quickly, along with the woolly hat, super thick socks and furry boots as soon as I left the safety of the air conditioned hotel room. SWELT-ER-RING!

Left only with my negligee and bare paws I ended up  changing into this gorgeous little number...

Check out the shoes - I think  I'm in lust!

This afternoon I'm off to Giorgio's Spa (Armani darling!) All that shopping in skyscraper heels has left my paws ravaged. Later we're going to the best sushi restaurant in town - vegetarian for me, I love a bit of raw carrot!

see you tomorrow for more adventures in Japan!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin

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