Tokyo Calling

 Greetings from Tokyo!

The gorgeous peeps at Topshop decided that they would like little old moi to help them launch their latest store - in the Shinjuku district in Tokyo. They asked me to pop over last weekend to style twelve outfits from their latest collection for a catwalk show at Tokyo Girls Collection. The event is huge with over 30,000 people attending and has 4 huge stages featuring runway shows from all the big names on the Japanese high street... The show itself was amazing and when I saw myself projected onto the giant screens I nearly fell off my chair!
Todays outfit - thanks Topshop!
you can get the knitted swing jumper here, my furclip bow here and my shoes are here... I can't find the dress so maybe it has sold out already!

The best thing was they invited me back for a few days of shopping, sightseeing and sneak peeking at the new store. Oh and did I mention gifting me the 12 outfits I styled. Squeal! So here I am sitting in my very swish hotel room in Tokyo central, tapping away on my lappy with a glass of cold champagne and my aching paws in the ice bucket - filled with hot water and salts (Thanks Sonny). We've had a long day of sightseeing - The five storied pagoda was very impressive and i loved the Sensō-ji temple. I tied my fortune to the tree as it said I would have bad luck - I hope it blows away quickly! we also took a trip to Meiji Jingu, a beautiful park though we were really just there to have our picture taken with the cosplay-zoku girls on the bridge in. Their outfits are crazy but somehow they look beautiful. For now though I think I'll stick to my trusted labels - and toppers of course! we ended our day at Café素多亜!!!! The owner picks one cup out of hundreds cups he owns just to match your personality! Mine was very British looking with a hunting scene racing around the saucer. Not sure how appropriate that was for a furry like me, maybe he's referring to my outfit hunting skills as a famous fashionista!?

see you tomorrow for more adventures in Japan!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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