Layered up...

Here's me in full on vintage yesterday. I braved the cold with bare legs - It was actually quite warm in the sun and luckily I do have some natural protection! I went on a little cake mission with two of my girlies. I was very tempted by the miniature pink fairy cakes but not wanting to appear greedy by having two I opted for a huge piece of lemon drizzle. Yum! One of my secrets to staying cheerful in these long winter months is that cake should be a regular occurrence and  actually while I'm thinking about it tea from a proper tea pot is essential. As are candles, log fires, fluffy kittens and plenty of cute knitted accessories.

Today I have been trying on some yummy Charles Anastase Spring Summer 2011 for Elle Magazine. Just one perk of the job as an international furry fashionista. Unfortunately you'll just have to wait until the magazine comes out for to see how cute I looked. I'll let you know when it comes out...

bunny kisses
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