Party time!

Last night I wore Juicy Couture...
...and my treasured Fifi Lapin for Juicy Couture silk scarf

Wow what a fabulous event! A huge thank you to the peeps at Juicy Couture for making me feel so special and for all the lovely humans who turned up to party with me.

 I really enjoyed myself and polished off rather a lot of my own likeness in cake form so I'm going on the carrot and lettuce diet! I have also got rather a sore head from all those cocktails so it's strictly a PJ day.

I took these pics on my phone so sorry about the quality... wish you all could have been there in person to experience it with me.

Here's some more pictures from around the web

who's that girl?

 I love this pic from Camilla over at intothefold - so kawaii!

 YUM. Thanks to the Pop bakery for the AMAZING fifi pop cakes

back soon with a very special Juicy giveaway!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin