Darlings! Sorry it's been so long... I've been uber busy having fun, dressing up and spending my trust fund. I've also been squeezing in some cool projects so I'll let you know about them very soon.

I get loads of fan letters which is of course absolutely heaven and some of my fans even seem to attain some sort of inspiration from little old moi. Just the other day I had a lovely email from a girl called Signy who is sixteen years old and lives in New York City. She's created a whole collection of tiny sculptures... isn't it dear!

I just adore the miniature pink spotted shoes, and the mini makeup is so kawaii! 

If anyone wants to drop me a line I'd love to hear from you, especially if you have been inspired by me just like Signy. Just click on the 'contact me' link on the left of my page! <<<<<
bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin