Olympic Fever

Hi all, I was wondering if any of you have been having withdrawls from my outfit updates!? You see the thing is life is just so busy recently, what with being an international furry fashionista and it bunny, I simply haven't had time to record my latest outfits. So anyway I thought I'd bring you some of my favourite ever outfits in honour of all my new fans who might not have seen them first time around. Today I thought I'd start with a little bit of Stella, mainly because I have succumb to olympic fever and she just happened to design our sports kit... hmmm perhaps I could get my paws on some of that for the gym!? but also a weeny bit because I think I have a girl crush on her!

This flippy little number from spring 2010 would be perfect for the current weather we're having - Sonny would have to carry my Burberry mac of course for those unexpected rain showers. Either that or we could just pop off on holiday and enjoy the sun somewhere else where it's a bit more predictable! dream-sigh!

...and now for some unashamed patriotism !!!!Go team GB!!!!

Is anyone else just loving the olympics?

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin