Fifi Lapin & Mamas & Papas

Me and Mae
Hi all, I bring you some very exciting news today. After many letters and email from fans asking if I can make Fifi Lapin kids-wear I have finally found the perfect venture and I have been busy beavering (Or should I say rabbiting) away designing a beautiful kids collection for UK based brand Mamas & Papas. It's very nearly ready to show you and I just can't wait as all the perfect little garments make me simply squeal with joy!

So to celebrate today I'm wearing Red Valentino and my gorgeous little goddaughter is wearing a very sweet dress from Mamas & Papas. She was so excited to receive the dress from them and even said she wanted to be just like me when she grows up - what a cutie.

Next time I write it will be with a peek at my very own collection, until then have a fabulous day!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

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Mae's sweet little Mamas & Papas dress
My Red Valentino Outfit