As you can see in my last post I am still enjoying the summer (trying to when the sun decides to come out and play) however onto more important matters, the new Autumn/Winter collections are starting to emerge in the shops and as I loathe sales (all the stuff nobody wanted so why would I?) I have no choice but to wave goodbye to the Spring Summer 07 season and welcome in the new. I have released this limited edition print in my etsy shop to celebrate, it features 28 paw picked outfits from the cream of my spring summer wardrobe. I especially love it because I look so good 28 times over! anyway I still have a few more outfits from last season but look out for some brand new looks coming to my blog near you soon...

from left to right I'm wearing...

oscar de la renta
anna sui
sonia rykiel
alice mccall
diane von furstenburg
alberta ferretti
anna molinari
karen walker
philip lim
marc jacobs
marc by marc jacobs
matthew williamson
stella mccartney
dolce and gabbanna
michael kors
bottega venetta
viktor and rolf
luca luca
spijkers en spijkers


Romeika said...

Fifi, you look amazing in all these summer outfits! Can't wait to see you in the fall/winter looks! ^^

Iheartfashion said...


kapcity said...

my most favoritest print thus far!!! what a great collection!

The Stiletto Effect said...

hi Fifi!
first: let me thank you for adding me to your listings! i fell in love with your blog the first time i saw it :) it is adorable :)
second: love the outfits and Fifi looks so cute and lovely!
ohhhhhhh i love this post :)

Sophie said...

This is the third time I’m trying to contact you, please, please contact me sophiesfashion_blogg@yahoo.se I would like to buy some of your drawings!

Love to hear from you a.s.a.p.!:)

Candid Cool said...

it was a chic season no doubt

Le Chat said...

J'adore ! Thank you for the link ! Do you speak french ?

Moose on the Loose said...

Fifi, you are one fine looking rabbit.

yuri said...

you need to seriously make tshirts! made of that nice, tissue-thin material! please!

Heidi said...

Great draws! I love your blog.

Alice Saga said...

dear you,

would you want to contribute to my blogg?

and maybe too, one day to a fashion story together?


jamie @ insidesign said...

i love your blog!!

emsie said...

i love your drawings
great blog

i've linked you


Anonymous said...

love these outfits, they are so so so gorgeous!! I can't wait to se the fall/winter collection

Alysia said...

love it :D

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