well well, whats going on here then you might ask? Is Sonny having an affair? Well thats the conclusion I naturally jumped to. I was hopping mad! Fair enough if someone falls out of love (gulp - did I just mention the L word??!?) but surely it's only fair to inform your girlfriend (well I might as well go the whole hog and use the G word as well) rather than being seen in the local rag sporting a new girl on your arm. And a sheep! Oh the shame!
well anyway it turns out that Sonny is totally innocent. Its not my fault that he never mentioned his stepsister (yes his mum is going out with a sheep - nothing wrong with a little crossbreeding I've since learnt!) Sonny had very nicely agreed to accompany his little sister to the knitting world champagne reception. Apparantly she didn't have anyone to follow and would have got lost if it were'nt for her heroic brother. hmm very heroic!