so anyway, over the last few days I had been thinking about how it was a bit nasty of fifi to out the sheepy fashionista and I had this comment

Anonymous said...

so what?dont be such a vain bitch your like the millionth person to dress up an animal in fashion stop flattering yourself
17 October 2007 15:38

to which

FIFI said...

ha ha!!!thats so funny, Fifi is a vain bitch, she dresses up in outfits and then has her picture taken! you can't get more vain than that!

also she is a spoilt brat - you would be too if daddy paid for whatever you wanted at the snap of a paw

also she has a bit of a problem with sheep - remember the 'sonnys cousin' incident

so you will just have to forgive her for sulking

(though the sheep being the last of 1275 in the colony because of a nuclear bomb and the fact that fifi is the last of 257 brothers and sisters who died in a mixamatosis outbreak is quite a coincidence - don't you think)

there she goes again!

no really, point taken! =;X)
18 October 2007 00:41

so I hope that clears that up!
fifi's creator


Jennifer said...

Ugh some people can be so evil, don't listen to them Fifi!

st. evita said...

if they thought Fifi was being vain, they shouldn't have taken the time to contribute a comment, but you are having a great sense of humor about it! And besides, there's only one Fifi :)!

Suzie said...

Fifi I don't think you said anything inappropriate, you have nothing to feel sheepish about! However it is very darling of you to take the high road with wit and humour. Nicely done.

The Clothes Horse said...

I'm glad Fifi has humility as well as style. Finally, a rabbit with character! ^_^

Girl and the City said...

You tell them! As if! What a moronic comment! :-)

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)


*konstanza* said...

it' sure does fifi =)

you are quite cool

Candid Cool said...

i've been told hate mail means you've arrived

Michelle said...

I think it's time Fifi looked into nabbing a sheepskin coat or even a lambskin vest...

Anonymous said...

you know youve made it when a blogger takes the time to write a post about your comment

Fenke said...

@candid cool: yes! be loved or hated, if they are indifferent - then start worrying! (nevertheless: what a nasty comment!) keep it up, i love your work!

Fenke said...

( ) &hearts

the red monster said...

good way to deal with it i wouldn't of taken it so well lol

La Primavera said...

I was wondering whether you would be interested in a collaboration... I am making a fashion website with my friend and we would need someone to illustrate our logo & perhaps something else. If you are interested at all, e-mail to blogforclothes@gmail.com.

Thank you, and still loving Fifi!

design for mankind. said...

OMG I LOOOOOOOVE YOU AND FIFI!!! Thought you'd like to see Fifi's work in the press:


Thanks for being so fabulous!!!

Sarah Erin said...

I, too, just discovered you Fifi, for the first time! Saw you on the featured front page of Etsy. Darling!

Featured you on my blog today, too. If you are interested:


Have a lovely day! And thumbs up to your hate mail response. If they are so anti-Fifi, then why are they wasting their precious time?

youtube.com/debbje said...

very nice blog!!!
guess mine looks pretty empty compared...sigh

Anonymous said...

vraiment fifi, you can only laugh ;P

a secret admirer

WendyB said...

You can always count on anonymous people to leave charming and classy comments.

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