I'm back!!

well I'm back from my little holiday, I've got nice tan marks in my fur!

while I was away one of my friends J sent me this link http://minadjarot.blogspot.com/

wow J thats weird isnt it!! such a conincidence that Mina...
'is one of the 1275 in the colony, and the last ewe survived during 2033’s nuke war'
just like fifi and her brothers and sisters with the mixamatosis! and weirder still that the sheep is into fashion and numbers her outfits just like fifi and how her name is short and sweet just like Fifi!
is it a coincidence? should I be flattered?
there will always be celebrity impersonators but there will only ever be one fifi!!

p.s. heres a bit of my fave show from last season for you xxx