so anyway, over the last few days I had been thinking about how it was a bit nasty of fifi to out the sheepy fashionista and I had this comment

Anonymous said...

so what?dont be such a vain bitch your like the millionth person to dress up an animal in fashion stop flattering yourself
17 October 2007 15:38

to which

FIFI said...

ha ha!!!thats so funny, Fifi is a vain bitch, she dresses up in outfits and then has her picture taken! you can't get more vain than that!

also she is a spoilt brat - you would be too if daddy paid for whatever you wanted at the snap of a paw

also she has a bit of a problem with sheep - remember the 'sonnys cousin' incident

so you will just have to forgive her for sulking

(though the sheep being the last of 1275 in the colony because of a nuclear bomb and the fact that fifi is the last of 257 brothers and sisters who died in a mixamatosis outbreak is quite a coincidence - don't you think)

there she goes again!

no really, point taken! =;X)
18 October 2007 00:41

so I hope that clears that up!
fifi's creator