An historic day...

...and I was there!
Here's my 'Where's Wally' moment!

Brrrr it was chilly, atmosphere was great though obviously and Barack is so cute!

I had a few options for the inauguration ball. On Monday I had finally decided on Marchessa spring summer 09. Not a difficult choice, I mean just check these beauties out...

I decided this one was just too short

and even though I like the black and white theme on this one it was a little too flouncy for me

In the end I plumped for this gold embroidered white gown. It seems I was having the same white moment as Michelle Obama, didn't she look stunning?

Stella was obviously feeling a little shy for the photo. look she's sitting on my dress!
Her red, white and blue collar looks pretty smart. I had it specially made for the occasion.

the world is a more hopeful place this morning!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin