i need a hug

i need a hug!

Ho hum, A new year means a new start right? wrong! everything seems to be going haywire with me, perhaps I broke a mirror on new years day or something because I am having the worst luck! I am having a more than a few technical issues behind the scenes of the shop which means I won't be able to send out any orders until the beginning of February. The shop still works fine if you don't mind waiting but huge apologies to anyone who needs a Fifi fix right now!

I also have no internet connection which doesn't help, it seems not even society rabbits can get their internet fixed on demand... and that means less postings.... eeek!

anyway enough of my moaning lets console ourselves with some nice things

desperately sweet chopstick holders

mushroom fun

lets all make love (pillows)

if you haven't you really should watch

a pretty top and a quirky watch

and I'll leave you with some gorgeous photography from the very talented Anna Wolf

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin