On the 22nd day of Christmas...

I wore Bottega Venetta!

Yum I just had the perfect Croissant for breakfast, they have their own french pastry chef here at the hotel which is lucky as i do insist on only the finest when I am on my hols. Today is the first day of summer and its beautiful and sunny with a clear blue sky so I thought I would match myself in with this gorgeous ultramarine silk number from Bottega Veneta. I also have two more for later...

...green for my afternoon in the great outdoors (well the park!) and red for watching the beautiful sunset from my balcony

This morning I also went to the famous Recoleta graveyard where Eva Peron is buried. It has a lot of skinny cats lounging around the place, Ruby would like it round here =;x) I laid a red rose on her tomb and had a good nose around. Some very impressive families have been buried there. I should mention us getting a spot to Daddy. Afterward we had afternoon tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel. It like the Ritz only better and more authentic. you know the sort of thing lots of glamorous old dears plus Americans with plastic surgery. I had scones with lemon curd and cream and chocolate cake and blue earl grey tea, twice.

I just had a pedicure in their gorgeous little spa and I now have bright red toenails! I'm wandering around the beautiful gardens writing this on my iphone. It really is stunning with fancy water features dotted around, old trees and the sound of birds tweetering away. The next door palace is derelict and looks spookily romantic. Apparently the old lady who owns it got jilted at the alter, left Argentina and refuses to sell. what a great novel that would make!

bunny kisses
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