On the 23rd day of Christmas...

I wore Philip Lim!

Today I visited my first polo match, It was all very fast and exciting. I did a lot of cheering but had no idea for which side! I also fell in love with the players smart outfits, especially the boots so I insisted my guide Alessandro take me to the most exclusive polo store in the whole Of Buenos Aires so I could order a pair custom made just for moi. The camera on my iphone has gone on the blink but I had a search on the internet and this is the sort of thing they look like. Yummy aren't they and they'll match perfectly with my new super skinny VB jeans that I picked up at the airport.

Here's what I'm wearing this evening (Phil Lim again) we're going to a festive themed black tie event organised by some business partner of daddys so I will have to try and be on my best behavior and not sup to many of the famous Argentinian Ketango cocktails!

I can't believe it's only two more sleeps until Christmas day!
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